Processions 2018

Women’s Arts Association is one of Wales’ organisations making banners for 100 celebration of suffrage.  The list of our contributors to our banner is below – thanks all.

Sarah Featherstone;  Jacqueline Alkema ; Jeannette Roberts;  Anna Brazier ; Bethan Morgan & Oasis Refugees; Bethan Morgan & Manon Pugh for Mercury TheatreWales ;  Hilary Roberts & Anna Grace Rogers for SEEdS ; Dianne Setch; Zoe Gingell & Constance Leeson; Sally Hall; Dorcas Pennyfather; Dot Evans MBE; Jilly Hicks; Dilys Jackson ; Judy Stephens; Claire Davies; Marged Sian Williams ; Sharon McGill; Pat Adams ; Jean Letton; Women’s Institute Chris Newman; Women’s Forum, Labour  Chris Newman; Jane Salisbury -Art Central Friends; Jane Salisbury-Memo Arts Centre-Barry Hookers; Jane Salisbury-Wales Assembly of Women; dinahvagina; Hilary Lomas; Carol Evans; Sonia Benskin Mesher; Amelia Unity Thomas; Pave the Way-Yarn n’ Yarn; Patricia Clifford and of course Patricia Ziad

These are images from the procession of 10th June.  More can be seen in our eNewsletter 14.

Lady holding banner ladies holding banner Children holding banner People holding banner Shine Banner Still I Rise Banner

Here it is: the banner, ready to have the lettering applied

Banner letters applied 1 Banner letters applied 2 Banner letters applied 3

Here are some of the workshops and banner squares that our members have made.

Oasis Workshop

Oasis Workshop 1 Oasis Workshop 2

Llanover Hall


Llanover hall 1 Llanover hall 2 Llanover hall 3 Llanover hall 4 Llanover hall 5

The banner progress

Banner Progress photo 1 Banner Progress photo 2 Banner Progress photo 3 Banner Progress photo 4 Banner Progress photo 5 Banner Progress photo 6 Banner Progress photo 7 Banner Progress photo 8 Banner Progress photo 9 Banner Progress photo 10Banner Progress photo 11 Banner Progress photo 12 Banner Progress photo 13 Banner Progress photo 14 Banner Progress photo 15 Banner Progress photo 16 Banner Progress photo 17

Pretty fabulous – and now, off to Processions2018 on June 10th, meeting at Cardiff Football Club and marching to Bute Park.

Women’s Arts Chair Patricia Ziad responded to the Tier 1 call for projects (see below), and we are delighted that WAA has had the budget approved to make a banner.
See the website page for the creation of our banner.

The parade was on the 10 June, and many WAA members joined the procession from Cardiff City football ground to the Castle grounds. This commission has come from the Arts Council/England (PROCESSIONS Cardiff is produced by Artichoke in partnership with Festival of Voice and Wales Millennium Centre) and we made a really beautiful banner, particularly as ours is not artist led/designed but a community participatory project.
Here are links to the organisations involved:
Artichoke Trust
Festival of Voice

The Suffrage campaigners of the 19th and 20th centuries knew the importance of voice and expression. In the years leading up to 1918, the Suffrage campaigners marched by the thousands together through city streets to demand the vote. Through the beautiful hand-made banners they carried, they made a visual snapshot of women’s history, achievements and aspirations.

Join Processions!

Where is our Processions WAA banner now?  It’s gone on tour with Artichoke and here is the news they have sent:

“BANNER EXHIBITIONS As part of PROCESSIONS, Artichoke commissioned 100 women artists to work with organisations and communities across the UK to make 100 unique centenary artworks. The banner-making groups included women with lived experience of the criminal justice system, refugees, schoolgirls, community champions, members of the LGBTQI+ community, survivors of abuse, young mothers, women living with dementia, and many others.

“Now the banners are on the move and will be on display as part of Ipswich’s SPILL festival (25th October – 4th November) and Birmingham’s Ikon Gallery (23rd October – 20th January).

Don’t worry if you can’t make it to any of these locations, lots more to reveal in 2019.