The Women’s Arts Association Wales is a vibrant and responsive organisation committed to addressing isolation and exclusion experienced by women in the arts and the wider community. WAAW works in partnership with practitioners, communities and funding bodies to develop accessible, creative opportunities for women, celebrating diversity and equality across all art forms.

The Association began as the Arts Discussion Group within the Women’s Committee of the South Glamorgan County Council, in 1984. The group became the South East Wales Women’s Arts Association and a registered charity in 1997.

The Association organised its first annual International Women’s Day festival in 1986. This involved displays and exhibitions of work by women from a variety of art forms. The celebration of International Women’s Day remains part of WAAW’s exhibitions and events programme.

Until 1994 all work for the association was carried out on a voluntary basis. In that year WAA gained its first funding from Cardiff Council, which enabled it to employ its first member of staff. The Co-ordinator worked initially for two days per week from a small base in the Old Library, The Hayes, Cardiff. In 1995 WAA moved to Ely Bridge, West Cardiff, due to the redevelopment of the Old Library building. In 1997 WAA became a registered Charity, number 1060383.

During this time WAA built on its capital and project fundraising to finance additional activity including three-year community arts projects and an expansion into digital arts training. WAA was awarded with its first Arts Council of Wales revenue grant for the year 2000/2001.

In 2011 the Arts Council of Wales removed its revenue funding from Women’s Arts. It said that in the 1980s when the Association began there was a clear need to support such an organisation but today this isn’t the case. The Trustees and members of Women’s Arts disagree and continue to provided support for women in all artistic disciplines.

Women’s Arts is a non-judgmental organisation.

The Association was based in Bute Street, Cardiff Bay from 2004 to 2016, when it moved to Llanover Hall Arts Centre.

SATURDAY 21ST MAY AT 1.30 The constitutional changes were agreed.  No nominations were received for chair or secretary.  Jilly Hicks and Jacqueline Alkema agreed to keep the positions going until the 2022 AGM.

The following were elected at the online AGM 2021

Chair Jilly Hicks

Vice-Chair Patricia Clifford

Commitee members are: Jacqueline Alkema, Emma Juliet Lawton, Patricia Ziad, Patricia Clifford, Judy Stephens, Sue Trusler, Nina Lazarou, Susan Akins, Jocelyn Kynch, Esyllt George, Sian Williams, Dilys Jackson & Anne Frost

contact email, office@womensarts.co.uk