Member show

The 2018 Associate Members’ show was on a cardboard theme, and titled Out of the Box.

WAA Associate’s Autumn exhibition: OUT OF THE BOX from 1st October to 29th October 2018

Llanover Hall Arts Centre, Romilly Rd, Cardiff, CF5 1HF. Curated by Patricia Clifford and Jacqueline Alkema, OOTB was opened by Esyllt George

In 2017, it was The Uncredited Woman.

Our 2017 Associate Members’ show at Llanover Hall was organised and curated by Patricia Clifford with the help of other WAA members.  The opening was introduced by Vice-Chair Sian Williams and we had poetry readings from Aisling Tempany and Deborah Marshall.

Each work has an attached artist’s explanation which are interesting in themselves, in addition to the beautiful art.  Some were funny, some poignant, some political.

All photos copyright of the artist.